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Can a Creditor Object to My New York Bankruptcy?

If you are struggling with large amounts of debt, you are far from alone. Many Americans continue to experience financial hardship, and the effects of the pandemic have exacerbated these concerns for many individuals, families, and businesses. As you start to explore your debt relief options in New York, you may wonder whether filing for bankruptcy can help you obtain the fresh start you need to move forward. For many people, bankruptcy offers a much-needed financial reset so you can rebuild your credit and feel hopeful about your future once more. Here’s what you need to know about bankruptcy’s effects on you and the creditors who are harassing you.

Understanding Bankruptcy’s ‘Automatic Stay’

Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in New York activates what’s known as an “automatic stay.” This means that creditors must cease all collection attempts immediately, including communicating with you in any way. This will continue from the day the bankruptcy is filed until you receive a discharge. Once you receive a discharge all eligible debt is wiped away.

Creditors May Pursue an Objection to Discharge

In most bankruptcy cases, a creditor can not, and will not, object to the bankruptcy. However, a creditor may file a motion, known as an Objection to Discharge, asking to stop your debt to them from being wiped away. These motions are fairly rare but could occur if you racked up a high credit card charge right before filing for bankruptcy or misrepresented your income on a loan application. Working with a caring and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney can help you catch any potential issues before you move forward with the filing process.

Compassionate and Effective Legal Guidance When You Need It

Financial debt can weigh heavily on your mind and cause significant emotional stress. However, you do not need to endure this hardship alone. When you work with a compassionate and experienced New York bankruptcy attorney, you can receive the support and reassurance you need to move forward toward greater financial freedom. Now is the time to regain control of your financial situation, so reach out to a caring bankruptcy lawyer today to get started.


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